Announcing Our 2019 Programs

Kick off the new year with an all new lineup of talks, tastings, and performances!

Intimate Subjects: Thomas Holton and the Lams

A conversation with photographer Thomas Holton and two of his subjects, members of the Lam family, about their unique working relationship.

Call Me Madam

Reflect on how, despite their mild reputation, musicals can get political in a conversation and performance co-presented with New York City Center.

Capturing “The Deuce”: Times Square in the 1970s & '80s

What draws artists and filmmakers to the seedy underworld of Times Square in the 1970s and '80s?

Last Call: Prohibition in NYC at 100

How did Prohibition give rise to NYC's cocktail culture? A conversation and small batch rum tasting.


For Families Wednesday, February 20, 11:00am

Contemporary Chinese Voices

Explore photographs by contemporary Chinese and Chinese-American photographers in the exhibition Interior Lives to discover stories of life in Chinatown. Then get hands-on with a fun family activity and special snack.​​​​​​​