For Families Monday, July 23, 11:00am

Mural Mania

New York City is known for vibrant public murals. Explore Art in the Open: Fifty Years of Public Art in New York, then make your mark on our collective mural painting!
For Families Wednesday, July 25, 11:00am

Paint Through the City

There is so much to do and see in the city, including vibrant art seeping into every corner. Visit Art in the Open: Fifty Years of Public Art in New York to discover the creativity all around us.
For Families Monday, July 30, 11:00am

Leading Ladies: Puppet Making

Celebrate the New York City women who have championed for change. Choose a figure as inspiration to make your own activist paper puppet with a message for change.
For Families Wednesday, August 1, 11:00am

Stand Up & Speak Out: Zine Making

Discover key social movements, leading activists, and how ordinary New Yorkers have exercised their power to shape the city’s and the nation’s future.
For Families Wednesday, August 8, 11:00am

Wet Water Lab

What’s in your water? Compare pH levels of tap water and water from the Harlem Meer. Document your findings like a scientist to take home with you!
For Families Monday, August 13, 11:00am

Summer City Games

Join us for a day of play to learn about indoor and street games that have been played by New Yorkers for centuries.
For Families Wednesday, August 15, 11:00am

My City Summer

Summer time in New York City is full of fun things to do and places to discover. Explore photographs of summer scenes and design your very own board game!