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Institutional Coverage

  • "Museum of the City of New York: An Updated Experience for the 21st Century with a Focus on Visitor Experience and Engagement" (March 14, 2018) Deal Crunch
  • "History, Repeated: Students Look Back in Search of Compromise" (March 11, 2018) New York Times

New York at its Core

  • "Museum Explores the Core of New York" Wall Street Journal
  • "What Made New York New York? Henry Hudson, George Washington and a Silver Subway Shovel" The New York Times
  • "Glean 400 Years of NYC History in One Immersive Exhibit" Curbed
  • Gothamist, Stay Up All Night To Celebrate 400+ Years Of NYC At The Museum Of The City Of New York (Oct 22)
  • "Meet the heroes, hustlers and villains who built New York City" Metro
  • "New York At its Core Exhibit Opens Reflecting on 400 Years of NYC History and its Future" Untapped Cities
  • "This Museum Show Explains Why New York Is So New Yorky" (November 17, 2017) The New York Times
  • "Museum Explores the Core of New York" (November 11, 2017) Wall Street Journal
  • "What Can Economically Depressed Cities Learn From New York City's 1970s Immigrant Revitalization?" (August 18, 2017) Forbes
  • "The Challenge of Making a Permanent Exhibit About Mercurial New York" (December 20, 2017) Hyperallergic
  • "Telling Our Story With Majesty and Manure: The New Permanent Galleries of the Museum of the City of New York" (November 16, 2017) NY Magazine
  • "Exhibit Dedicated to New York City is True to its Core" (November 15, 2017) NY1
  • "Once upon a time in Mulberry Street … New York recalls romance of its past" (January 7, 2018) The Guardian
  • "New York Today: The Scourge of Plastic Straws" (May 23, 2018) The New York Times

Through a Different Lens: Stanley Kubrick Photographs

  • "Stanley Kubrick’s Stunning Early Photographs on Display at Museum of the City of New York" (April 2, 2018) Variety
  • "An exhibit featuring early photos by Stanley Kubrick is coming to NYC" (April 4, 2018) Time Out New York
  • "Stanley Kubrick’s Gritty NYC Photography to Exhibit at Museum of the City of New York" (April 3, 2018) Afar
  • "Stanley Kubrick Photography Exhibition Opening at the Museum of the City of New York" (March 22, 2018) Mental Floss
  • "Life on the street: Stanley Kubrick's early photographs of New York" (May 14, 2018) The Guardian
  • "The Secret Photographs of Stanley Kubrick" (May 9, 2018) The Daily Beast
  • "Stanley Kubrick’s little-known life as a still photographer" (April 13, 2018) The Washington Post
  • "Stanley Kubrick: Before He Wrote Scripts, He Took Photos" (April 30, 2018) The New York Times
  • "See a different kind of Stanley Kubrick film" (May 3, 2018) New York Post
  • "‘2001’ is a space odyssey, but 2018 is a Kubrick moment" (May 10, 2018) Boston Globe
  • "Stanley Kubrick photography exhibit collects the filmmaker’s NYC creative start" (May 2, 2018) AM Newyork
  • "Exhibit Reveals Stanley Kubrick’s Evolution From Still Photos To Moving Pictures" (May 1, 2018) 1010WINS Radio
  • "These Rare Kubrick Photos Reveal the Master's Early Influences" (May 4, 2018) Vice
  • "Stanley Kubrick Documented NYC As A Teenager In The 40s, Here's What He Saw" (May 1, 2018) Gothamist
  • "Stanley Kubrick Photographs on Display at Museum of the City of NY" (May 14, 2018) NBC New York
  • "Stanley Kubrick photographe, le monde à travers un autre objectif" (May 22 2018) L'Oeil de la Photographie
  • "Photographer Stanley Kubrick, the world through a different lens" (May 22 2018) The Eye of Photography
  • "How Stanley Kubrick’s Early Photography Influenced His Moviemaking" (May 23, 2018) Real Clear
  • "Stanley Kubrick's unseen photography reveals early talent of legendary director" (May 19, 2018) Independent
  • "Stanley Kubrick had a secret life as a teenage street photographer" (May 23, 2018) FastCo Design
  • "Lens Wide Open: Photos by Stanley Kubrick" (June 7, 2018) The Wall Street Journal
  • "Stanley Kubrick’s Early-Career Magazine Photographs Chart the Birth of an Uncanny Aesthetic" (June 6, 2018) The Village Voice

Elegance in the Sky

  • "Rosario Candela, the Man Behind New York City’s Most Desirable Addresses" (May 15, 2018) Architectural Digest
  • "Meet the Mastermind of the World's Most Valuable Apartments" (May 14, 2018) Architectural Digest
  • "Rosario Candela Show ‘Elegance in the Sky’ Opens in New York" (May 17, 2018) Architectural Record
  • ”Rosario Candela and the invention of high-rise luxury” (May 17, 2018) Curbed New York
  • Candela’s Creations” (May/June 2018) CTC&G
  • "Elegance In The Sky Exhibition at MCNY Looks at the Influential NYC Architecture of Rosario Candela" (May 21, 2018) Untapped Cities
  • "How an immigrant with $20 to his name redefined the NYC luxury apartment" (May 22, 2018) New York Post
  • "The man who built New York's luxury apartments: Inside the decadent homes created by Rosario Candela - the renowned architect of choice for the rich and famous" (May 25, 2018) Daily Mail
  • "‘Elegance in the Sky: The Architecture of Rosario Candela’ Review: King of Apartments" (May 29, 2018) The Wall Street Journal
  • "Inside The Apartments Of Rosario Candela, The Man Who Built Luxury Living Into NYC's Skyline" (May 23, 2018) Gothamist
  • "Meet the Man Who Defined Manhattan Luxury Real Estate" (June 3, 2018) 1stdibs
  • "Rosario Candela: Architectural Entrepreneur of Elegance" (June 5, 2018) Epoch Times

Art in the Open

  • "The New Season of Art: Listings for the Fall Season and Beyond (September 8, 2017)" The New York Times
  • "A joyous ode to outdoor creativity in New York" (January 4, 2018) Financial Times
  • "Inside NYC’s most explosive public-art controversies" (November 9, 2017) NY Post
  • "Here's What New York Can Teach Every City About Worthy Public Art" (Nov 17, 2017) Forbes
  • "How public art helped to shape New York" (November 21, 2017) The Economist
  • "To Mark 50 Years of Public Art in New York, See the 5 Most Controversial Works to Shock the Big Apple" (November 28, 2017) Artnet 

Beyond Suffrage

  • "The Cut – Revisiting 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage in New York" (October 13, 2017) NY Magazine
  • "A new museum exhibit explores women’s political history in NYC" (October 13, 2017) Time Out New York
  • “'Beyond Suffrage' Exhibit Presents 100 Years of Women’s Political Activism" (October 12, 2017) AM New York
  • "From Suffrage to The Women’s March, A New York Exhibition Celebrates 100 Years of Women in Politics" (October 26, 2017) Artnet News 

Mod New York

  • "When ‘Fashion Takes a Trip,’ Jewelry Comes Along" (November 21, 2017) The New York Times
  • "The Radical Fashion Behind a Social Movement" (November  12, 2017) NY Magazine
  • "How the Fashions of the 1960s Reflected Social Change" (November 21, 2017) TIME
  • "Sixties Psychedelia Returns With A New Fashion Exhibit at The Museum of the City of New York" (November 22, 2017) Women's Wear Daily
  • Mod NY (January 16, 2018) Fox 5 NY

New York on Ice

  • "Where Winter’s Silver Skates Warmed the Soul" (December 21, 2017) The New York Times
  • "New exhibit looks into the history of ice skating in NYC" (December 19, 2017) Time Out New York
  • "Ice Skating in New York Has Always Been Magical" (December 20, 2017) Atlas Obscura
  • "See how ice skating became a beloved NYC pastime in new exhibit" (December 22, 2017) Curbed
  • "Explore The History of NYC Ice-Skating at the Museum of the City of New York" (December 19, 2017) Untapped Cities

King in New York

  • "What Martin Luther King Jr. Meant to New York" (January 11, 2018) The New York Times
  • "MLK’s experiences in NYC on display in new exhibit at Museum of the City of New York" (January 11, 2018) AM New York
  • "MLK’s surprising connections to NYC" (January 12, 2018) NY Post
  • "Beyond Civil Rights: Martin Luther King Jr. in New York City" (January 11, 2018) Metro NY
  • "Historic photos document Martin Luther King Jr.’s connection to NYC" (January 12, 2018) 6sqft
  • "Exploring Martin Luther King’s Connection to New York City" (January 14, 2018) Daily Beast
  • "Exploring Martin Luther King's Legacy in New York City" (January 14, 2018) Atlantic CityLab
  • "Exhibit showcases Martin Luther King Jr.'s ties to New York" (March 28, 2018) Fox 5 NY
  • "DR. KING’S NEW YORK" (April 5, 2018) Thirteen
  • "The More Radical MLK Came of Age in New York" (April 4, 2018) Village Voice
  • "Exhibit Showcases Martin Luther King Jr.’s Ties to New York" (March 28, 2018) Fox 5 NY
  • "NYC Remembers Impact of Martin Luther King Jr." (April 3, 2018) NBC New York

New York Silver Then and Now

  • "‘New York Silver, Then And Now’ At Museum Of City Of New York" (January 11, 2018) Antiques and the Arts
  • "Exhibition explores silver as an artistic medium through the centuries" (June 27, 2017) Art Daily
  • "A Dialogue In New York Silver: Then And Now" (January 26, 2018) In Collect


  • "Overlooked Women in Our City (March 12, 2018)" The New York Times
  • "LinkNYC and Museum of the City of New York team up to honor women activists" (March 8, 2018) Curbed
  • "Starting on International Women’s Day, LinkNYC Kiosks Showcase Influential City Women" (March 8, 2018) Metro

Alexander Hamilton & DeWitt Clinton Restoration #amexpreserves

  • "Hamilton Stars Set for Alexander Hamilton Statue Unveiling at the Museum of The City of New York" (December 6, 2017) Broadway World
  • "Stars of 'Hamilton' Celebrate Statue Rededication to the Show's Namesake at MCNY" (December 7, 2017) NY1

Gay Gotham

From Teaspoons to Titanic 

  • "One Titanic Survivor Goes on View: A Deck Chair" The New York Times
  • "On View: ‘From Teaspoons to Titanic: Recent Acquisitions’ at Museum of the City of New York"

Activist New York

  • "Seeing the Power of Political Posters" New York Times 
  • "Peek Inside New York City's Long History of Sex and Activism" (July 21, 2017) Jezebel
  • Inside the Movement for Black Lives’ first permanent exhibit in New York City (September 15, 2017) Mic
  • "New York City in the Civil Rights Era" (December 9, 2017) Fox5 NY
  • "The Raw and Stylish Designs of 20th-Century American Protest Posters" (September 2, 2017) Hyperallergic
  • "'Activist New York' Exhibit Looks At City's Anti-Immigration History" (May 26, 2017) Forbes
  • "New York, the Global Capital of Protest" (May 16, 2018) The New York Times

In the South Bronx of America: Photographs by Mel Rosenthal

  • "Mel Rosenthal’s South Bronx Activism and Engagement" New York Times, Lens 
  • "The South Bronx: More Than Just Poverty and Ruin (October 26)" Newsweek
  • "In the South Bronx of America: Photographs by Mel Rosenthal, 1976-82" New Yorker

Gilded New York

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